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Is your guestion not in the list above? You can always contact us on the forum or via our contact-form.

How do I make my own clansite?

Making your own clansite is very simple. All you have to do is signup on MyClanWebsite for free and go to your account page. There you can add clansites to your account.

How do I edit my clansite?

First you need to go to your account page. There you can select wich of your clansites you would like to edit (in case you have more then one). When you select a clansite, you go to the settings page of that site. Here you can select what you want to change..

How can I add my own header?

Using your own header is possible at MyClanWebsite. In order to activate this possibility you need a 'My own header' subscription or a 'Premium membership' subscription. You can subscribe yourself to one of these here.

Can I turn my clansite off for a while?

It is possible to turn your website offline. In order to do this, you go to your account page and click on the status of the clan-site you want to edit. When you do this you will go to a page with a textfield. In this textfield you can put up a explanation for the offline status.

How do I add servers to my server list?

If you track your server(s) at GameTracker.com you can add those server-statistics on your 'servers'-page from your clanwebsite. You need to give up your server IP-Address, server port and the game it is running. Here an example to see what your IP-Address and port might be;

Why can I make only 1 account with my IP-address?

We don't want everybody to make a new account for a new clan-site. The benefit for having only 1 account for multiple clanwebsites is that the subscriptions you have count for all your sites. This means that if you have a 'No-ads' subscription, all your sites won't show any advertisements.

What can I do with subscriptions?

Subscriptions give your site(s) that little extra something. They will give you that little extra in editing your layout, or will give you the possibility to show more in depth details of your played matches. Every subscription is different.

You don't have to worry about canceling any subscriptions either, because you will pay for periods of time. When you don't want to have particulair subscription anymore, you just simply don't buy it anymore.

Why do I get a warning when I visit my clanwebsite with Internet Explorer.

Internet Explorer uses different kind of rules for showing sites in their browsers. This means that if your sites shows just fine in most browsers (think FireFox, Chrome, Safari, etc.) it will show different in Internet Explorer. Because MyClanWebsites hase a wide variety of layouts, we can't optimise them all for Internet Explorer because that would take too much time. We could do it, but then we hould have to charge people for using the layouts, and that's something we don't like.

My game isn't supported by layouts, what should I do?

Don't worry, most layouts can be used for other games. One thing you can do to make the layout you choose have a look like your game, is to get a 'My own Header' or 'Premium member' subscription. That way you can upload your own header and give your site a more original feeling.