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Buy 500 credits
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# Item Description Price
1 Premium account Use your MCS account to the fullest with a premium membership. Subscribing for this item gives you the following;
  • My own header
  • No-ads
  • Battle specs
900 credits
2 No-ads Tired of having those ads on your website? Remove them now with a subscription to no-ads. 550 credits
3 Battle specs Do you want to store more then the standard battle-details? Do you want to have a detailed chart wich shows you the progression of each individual player and your team as a whole? Do you want the website itself to calculate the K/D spread of your team/players? Then the Battle specs package is something for you. 300 credits
4 My own header Do you have some photoshop skills yourself? Do you want to show your clan's own signature by uploading your banner? Then this is the item for you. 200 credits
5 A new clan Do you want to start a new clansite, but don't want to delete your other one? Buy a new one here. All the subscriptions you have running right now will aply to both your already owned clansite(s) and your new one(s). 500 credits

All subscriptions are valid for one month.